Art meets luxury

Collection 41

Elevate your dining aesthetic with Collection41's exquisite printed placemats. Our curated collection seamlessly blends artistry and functionality, offering captivating designs that transform every meal into a masterpiece.

Elevate your dining experience with our placemats.

Collection41 - Art meets Luxury.

New beginnings

How it all started

Collection41 is an online store driven by a grand vision: to infuse vibrant, colorful energy into the lives of our valued customers.

Our journey began during a family road trip across Europe, where we sought to capture and transport the cherished memories we created back to the comfort of our home.


Our first collection

The 1st out of 41 represents time we spend together and focuses on how we make memories. We believe adding colour to your spaces is a very important part in memory making.

From this first collection our customers can expect vibrant colours that are diverse enough to appeal to different colour preferences.