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Magenta forest - Placemats

Magenta forest - Placemats

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Elevate your dining with Teardrop Collection41 Magenta forest - Printed Placemats – captivating blends of beauty and function. Discover exquisite high-definition magenta leaves, infusing quality into your decor.


  • Size: 40cm x 35cm
  • Available individually
  • Protect against scratches, heat, stains.
  • Durable Vinyl, heat-resistant, anti-slip, water-repellent.
  • Easy Care: wipe with a damp cloth. Durable for regular use.
  • Versatile Charm: Complement various styles, infuse European elegance with summer flowers.

Perfect for All Occasions: Daily meals, fine dining, weddings. Seamlessly adapts to dynamic settings. Exceptional table decor concludes here with Teardrop Collection41 Magenta forest - Printed Placemats.

Elevate dining through high-definition designs and premium materials. Merge style, protection, convenience. Embrace interior decor, elevate your dining space with these stunning placemats that offer both beauty and practicality. Whether it's daily meals or special occasions, these placemats are designed to meet your needs and enhance your dining experiences.

The high-quality Vinyl construction ensures durability, and their heat resistance, anti-slip properties, and water repellency make them reliable additions to your table decor. Cleaning is a breeze with a simple wipe, maintaining their pristine appearance even with regular use.

So, explore the world of Teardrop Collection41 placemats and transform your dining area with their elegant and functional allure.

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